BidVid is a strong growing auction site.

Penny auctions sites are a fantastic way for people to buy the latest goods and gadgets. They allow people to buy these items for much less than they would buy them in the shops. For this reason, they prove extremely popular, and this popularity is increasing month by month – particularly in the UK.

Unlike with the traditional auction format auctions sites, the penny auction site always guarantees the lowest possible price for a product – much less than the RRP. The chance of getting a bargain, if you win the bidding war on one of these sites, is 100%. Not only will they always be cheaper, they will always be significantly cheaper – usually about 97 per cent off the usually market value.

There are many benefits of joining a penny auction site, so let us consider each in turn:

1. Entertainment. These sites are incredibly fun. The games are fast paced and exciting. This is because they work in a ‘beat the clock manner’. Each time a person places a bid, the auction timer increases by a set increment, usually 10 or so seconds. The person who wins the auction is the person who places the last bid. As you can imagine, then, the last 10 seconds of any game are nerve-racking and nail biting. If you love adrenaline, then you will love the penny auctions.
2. Value for money: you only need to pay a small amount and you will find hours of entertainment; that in itself is value for money. However, if you actually win a bidding war, then you get the product too, which actually equates to unparalleled value for money.
3. Socialisation: these sites, as with most gaming sites, provide social entertainment in the form of live chats, etc. People do make great online friends at these auctions sites.

You can understand, then, why such sites always induce a natural customer loyalty. You only need to play on these sites for a few days to see just how many people come there for the fun, the excitement and the social aspects. No wonder some people spend hours each day on the sites!

Because these sites are online, they are open 24/7, so people, regardless of shift work, or kids, can play whenever they have any free time. You will find that many of the sites have an international following, and so they prove a great place to meet people of other cultures.

There are a few things that you can do to improve your chances of winning the bids, if winning is the aim of your visit:

Play when the site is quieter as there will be less competition
Always take advantage of the promotional offers ran by the site
Always buy the largest bid package that you can afford, as they offer the best value for money.
Try to bid on items that are less popular as you will find that there is less competition.

If you are interested in playing with an online auction site, then why not visit